Monday, June 28, 2010


It's summer!!!
Summer has been around for a few months now.
visiting teachers are here.
Okay you know it's a sad day,
when you have lived in Orem your whole life and you can't find the post office.
Half an hour later....
no luck.
I spend a lot of time at work,
laughing, smiling, loving.
Finally finished writing in my journal,
Jerusalem, check
San Diego, check.
I love how the door matt outside my house says JOY,
ya Christmas was a while ago
just a little lazy.
Right now it's 89 degrees in my house
it's only 87 degrees outside.
I wonder if my fingernail polish really does change colors in the sun,
ok ya it does.
Now Dallan just warmed up some fish,
smelling up the house,
Just talked to Jenny for about an hour,
I want to go to Seattle now,
miss her like crazy!!
Kind of hungry
Oh sprinklers...
I want to jump though them!
Wow it's really hot in my house!
I just might.
(it's 10 degrees cooler down stairs)
wait, that's on tomorrow.
I promise I am not just bored and writing about my day.
La la la la...
Okay so maybe I am.
24 hours to go!
midnight snack tomorrow,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cooking Time!

I love Mom's banana bread! So today as I looked at our brown bananas (that we never eat) and thought... Why not! So I measured, mixed, mashed and waited all while wearing Mom's flirty apron (hehe)! I must say I am very proud, they may not look as nice as Mom's but they taste delicious!

Mixing it

Pouring it


Just looking awesome!

Sporting the flirty apron :)

The finished product!