Monday, May 23, 2011

Little Old Road

*ins*inspired by my favorite street light*

There is a light,
a very simple light.
He might not think he's worth much,
this light.
He stands alone on his little old road,
shinning down on a little path you can go.
His tall wood pole,
and little lamp head
hide himself in a beautiful pine tree bed.
There's a little hole in his pine tree home
and he peeks his head out as if saying,
"I'm here all alone."
But this little light here
he's not really simply at all.
His purpose might be a lot more deeper.
His little head is a rest stop for a bird on a journey,
or a shelter for a squirrel he'll keep company.
He can lead the way down his little old road,
or comfort a kid who is lost and alone.
I told you once and I'll tell you again,
this light is not simple,
he is a beautiful bright friend.
And he has made a difference,
on his little old road.


  1. I was thinking center street in New York...that is where you were born...

  2. Where is this light? I love poetry!