Monday, June 6, 2011

Read Forever

*This is why I read. And I must say, these words are not mine, I only wish I wrote them. I stole them from a nook commercial, which you can watch here. I just like this commercial for some odd reason.*

Till all the books are read,
and all the pens are put down,
and everything there is to learn is learned.

Till the tears are no longer shed,
and the zingers have all zinged,
and the irony is all ironed out.

Till the heroes retire,
and the monsters return to their dens,
and all the plots are wrapped up.

Till there are no more twists or turns,
no more guns and draws,
no more shaggy dogs.

Till rhymes stops rhyming,
and pots stop boiling,
and everyone is happy,
and there is nothing more to say.

Till that day-I will read!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE THIS! I'm stealing it... I hope that's okay... :)