Saturday, February 27, 2010

My second home?!

Sometimes I can't help but think that with all the time I spend at Kid to Kid, I am really living another life. I mean every super hero has a secret. Clark Kent is not only a newspaper reporter, but also Superman. Peter Parker may only look like a student, but he also swings from the town as Spiderman. I may be Kaitlyn Manscill, but I also live a life of saving all those parents from piles of clothes that their kids have out grown! Its no easy job dealing with crazy parents. (ya ya I know, I am quite the super hero, just with out the cape!)

I really do love my job. It really has become like a second home to me (in a weird bizarre work kind of way). Corrie, the manager, is simply the best. Her little 3 year old girl, my new best friend, is so adorable, epically when she answers the phone," what up gangsta'? The two other girls that work there are super sweet. You just can't beat it. I do spend most of my time there, working about 40 hours a week, but I enjoy it. It is a very chill job, but I keep busy, (or I should be, but I thought taking picture was more fun at the moment.) It's such a great place to work and been such a blessing!

Here are a few pictures of my adventure, (or break time I should say hehe)

Wish I could fit

Reading corner!

If I hide she can't find me

Sitting on all the work I have to do.

Break time!


  1. "Super clothes saver" You are a super hero. 40 hours a week?! You could pay for your own ticket to Jerusalem.

  2. 40 hrs a week? Does that mean that Juice press is in the past? I need go shopping there! If you find something in Owen's size send it my way!

  3. Juice Press is still very much in the present. I am working 2 jobs. But Juice Press is only 2 hours a week so its nothing I cant handle...

  4. your blog makes my heart sing!!! thanks Rose!!