Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My latest trip!

On my last trip down to Cedar City, SUU was having a Polynesian culture concert. People in the Polynesian club performing all different kinds of dances, and I simply fell in love. I have no greater desire then to visit New Zealand, and I think all my friends are a little annoyed at how much I talk about it. There is just something about the way my brother Jesse talks about NZ that makes me want to fly out there and explore every place possible. The beauty of the island, the wonder of the people, and of course all the Tim Tam's I can eat. As they did the dances; the Haka, the Rikirang, the Ikaletahi-Mako, I simply thought I was born into the wrong culture. They had dances from Samoa, Tahiti, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Tonga. They brought so much joy and beauty to the stage. And I must say I do love the music. Perhaps someday I will make it over to New Zealand, even Hawaii would be cool, but I just might not come home.

Plan of action: Someday Jenny Holker and I are going to have our brothers take us to New Zealand, since they both served missions there. Perfect plan!

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