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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crafty Me!

I absolutely hate wearing shoes. I would rather be bare foot. When summer roles around usually I keep a pair of shoes in my car for when I need to wear them other then that there are no shoes upon my feet.

I really wanted to do something crafty, (being a crafty person and all) so I bought some cheap shoes from Walmart (gotta love Walmart) and went to work. Painting and threading and a little bit of sweat, and this is what I came up with, and I quite like them. No one will have a pair of shoes like me! I epically like the ones I painted, I don't mean to show off or anything, but lets be honest they are some good looking shoes. I should start my own business, sweet shoes, hoodie bags, tie skirts, I could do it all!

Here are a few close ups of my shoes. Their time to shine :)


  1. Dang Kaiters. Those ARE some pretty sweet looking shoes. i love them. Can you make me some?

  2. Nice Kaitlyn. Go ahead--start a business and bring me some to Israel.

  3. Love em Kait!! Still can't believe you made them yourself.

  4. I'll be the first so invest in your business.

  5. I say that those shoes make my heart chirp!!