Saturday, April 10, 2010

The past little bit...

I seem to have the worst luck with electronics. My laptop dies this weekend taking everything with it. I lost all my pictures, all my music, and all my homework assignments I have been working on for weeks. I am taking all my finals early too so I have to turn things in early, so now I have to restart papers for english and history. Its been a rough week but nothing I can handle. I am just hoping that we will be able to get everything off my hard drive, so cross your fingers for me!

About 2 weeks ago some friends and I went to the color fest. I have been looking forward to this since I went to the llama fest last year, and now I am looking forward to llama fest this year. Color fest was awesome. Defiantly a high light of my year. We were standing in the middle of the field in a group of hundreds of people. When we started throwing the chalk you could not see anything. It was like this dark pink cloud of chalk engulfed everyone, way cool. I Defiantly will be returning to this event next year!

EASTER SUNDAY!!! What a great day. The morning of Easter Sunday I woke up excited to look for my Easter basket only to remember there was not going to be one, the Easter bunny seemed to be taking a break this year, but I got a greater treat anyways, General Conference. I spend the Sunday sessions at the Dennis' house, it was fun. I have so many good memories with Mauri. After that I went down to Jami and Jon's place where we had an Easter meal and hang out with Jon's family. I even got to find an Easter egg!


  1. Good and bad times--That is life. Can't wait to see you in the Holy Land.

  2. Kaitlyn! I miss you. I will see you soon though. I am sorry about your computer. I am glad that you have had a fun filled couple of days. I am sad I missed color fest, maybe I will be around next year for it!????