Monday, October 25, 2010

All in a nut shell

I have been trying to get a blog post up for weeks but its so ha
rd to when I am so busy with school and work. Sometimes I feel like I don't even have time to breath. But some how I find time to goof off and have a little fun and enjoy life. Be prepared for a picture over load of the last month or so...

well this was from a while ago but this play airplane was the way cool!
walking back form the rock slide and found sunflowers

ya we have fun
best buds!
The chalk mural my friends and I drew of all our fun times together!
Jamie and I went on a hike up the canyon
Being awesome
Fall is my favorite season, I just wish it lasted longer!
I thought the ground looked cool with all the leaves
I'm no photographer (I only wish)
Working Eliza's vest
Family fun up the canyon!
Greatest little girls ever!
Wes and me!
T-man, love him so much
ya I got some green glasses
Before (my hair was so long)
after, its still kinda long

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