Sunday, December 12, 2010


I dream of owning a children's book store
I am good at wasting time
I find Laffy Taffy jokes very funny
I secretly wish I was left handed
I'm a crier. If I see tears mine start-a-flowin
I have a love/hate relationship with running
My secret obsession is scarfs
I am unhealthily addicted to Orange Juice
Someday I want to run through a field of flowers
I think lyrics need to rhyme
Fruit is my candy
My dream is to ride in a hot air balloon
I want a chocolate lab named Chaco
I love singing in the car
I am a night owl-you don't want to catch me when I just wake up
I so badly want to visit New Zealand
Yes I love jazz music
The most used words in my vocabulary are "never mind"-it drives my friends crazy
I am a sucker for a sweater vest


  1. Hey. I went to New Zealand one time. You should go. I'll even come with you!

  2. Please tell me I had something to do with you liking Jazz. I love you sis. You're the cutest.

  3. I do hate when you say never mind all the time!